Quoting one of my favorite photographers, Zack Arias, 

"When is the last time you had to replace the batteries in an album? Update its firmware? Pay a monthly fee to keep the album on display? How many times have you had to transfer your grandparent’s wedding album to a new media or format before you could view it? If the wedding album maker who made that album went out of business does the album disappear off the shelf? Ever pick up an old wedding album and look through it? The feel of the pages. The smell of it. There’s no app for that. There is such a remarkable beauty to a wedding album. When is the last time a burglar broke into a house and had to make the split decision on stealing a laptop or a wedding album?"

In short, get a wedding album--rather than storing your images on a hard disk. You will love it today and for ever!

My wedding photography package usually includes a premium wedding album with customizable cover options. The two most popular ones are Silk and Suede. My albums have layflat sturdy pages with a matte finish; and I offer a lifetime guarantee*.

*standard use conditions