SALONI + VANBURN | Hindu wedding in Golden Swan Country Club, Thane

Saloni and Vanburn are two of the most interesting people you’ll ever get to meet. It isn’t about how we got along or how well they dressed up for the wedding day or how well planned their wedding was. It is just who they are — not influenced by the times, unique, and with an incredibly spontaneous sense of humor. 

Before I move on to their wedding, I must first tell you how all of this came to be.

I have a popular wedding photographer friend, veteran Varun Suresh who, for obvious reasons, was contacted by Saloni. Lucky that I was, Saloni and Vanburn decided to get married twice, and Varun was available only for their Christian ceremony. 

You must absolutely check out wedding number one, which was quirky and beautiful in equal proportions. And then move on to the second one, which also featured a cat like the first one. Except cat number two didn’t have props to jump on and pose like cat number one. To summarize, two days, two cats, two “real” people, and two weddings. 

Here is wedding number two.