RUSHABH + RIDDHI | Destination wedding in Radisson Blu Temple Bay, Mahabalipuram

Two straight days! An entire evening stretched out till midnight, followed by a few hours of Holi in the midday sun. I can’t possibly imagine how anybody can stand after so much dancing and physical activity – with no alcohol to numb your senses. Of course, the second day didn’t end after Holi. Rushabh and Riddhi still had the energy to do their pheras, followed by a meet-and-greet for a couple of hours.

If you asked me what my state of mind was while shooting the wedding, I don’t think I will be able to tell you. It was way too fast for me to remember. I wonder how it must have been for the wedding party.

Photographed by: Friendly fatherman Srini, the mighty talented Dinesh, and Alpheus Danson (My friends say I have a cool name, so I don’t need any epithets)

Décor by: A-Cube