GAUTHAM + JAYALAKSHMI | Tamil wedding in ITC Grand Chola, MRC, and Crowne Plaza, Chennai

Gautham rang me up sometime in the second week of June, and asked me if I had my dates available for his wedding in the first week of July. Personally, this has been the only occasion I booked a wedding with almost no time even for an in-person meeting. So, I had absolutely no idea what to expect and eventually, this wedding turned out to be the biggest surprise of my career.

For someone who sounded quite laid-back on the phone, Gautham was a revelation on the dance floor. Not only in terms of sheer energy, but also in skill. It was only on the day of the sangeet, which was the first event of a 4-day wedding, I was let in on the fact that he was training to be an actor. In many ways, I realized that sometimes going with an open mind and no mighty expectations can actually work wonders. If you're lucky, that is. This wedding was one of those times, and hopefully not the last.