NITHIN + ANUSHA | Destination beach wedding in Pondicherry

To be frank, I couldn't contain my excitement when Anusha wrote to me for the first time describing her big day. A minimalistic beach destination wedding, with the closest of her friends and relatives, in Pondicherry. And a wedding ceremony that wouldn't last for more than 10 minutes, followed by a reception party. 

While destination weddings are always a big draw, I have forever wanted to shoot one that is honest to goodness, and most importantly simple. What I didn't factor in was that we would eventually end up shooting for a cumulative of 3 hours or so, on the day of the wedding and the following morning in the pool. That meant we had to work twice as hard to make more images than we usually would at a regular wedding.

Now, about the couple. Anusha and Nithin know each other since college, and they began dating a short while after. Through multiple hangouts in person and over phone calls, it wasn't hard for me to tell how similar they are as people -- in their tastes for TV shows, movies, and their idea of having fun. What I see working for them, and keeping them strong together as a couple, is their friendship. It extended to their mutually agreed upon idea of having an informal wedding that would only be about having a "good time" -- including the pool games that the entire family participated in. 

As we said our goodbyes the morning after the wedding, we realized everyone was exhausted -- after all the partying and games and some good old-fashioned family time. 

Photography: Alpheus and Srini

Makeup for the bride and groom (special mention): Anusha herself