ACHU + DEEPIKA | Tamil Brahmin wedding in Chennai

I have known Achu for a few years now -- he is a BBC commissioned photographer and has a great eye for street pictures. But shooting his wedding was never on the cards, and I wasn't expecting a call from him considering they had another photographer for their engagement. 

I must say it was by pure chance that Deepika gave me a ring one day. I hadn't met her before and it was only mid-way through our conversation that she told me she was Achu's fiance. Over the next fifteen minutes, we chatted up about the wedding, Achu, and common friends as well. Looking back, it was a great first call. In the following few weeks, we worked out the formalities and in a few months from then, I was going to photograph their wedding.

Tamil Brahmin weddings always bring in a lot of enthusiasm. There's just so much to photograph -- rituals, emotions, and unadulterated fun. Achu and Deepika's wedding had all of it.

An intimate wedding with family and friends, it was two long, exhausting days but the sheer number of high points throughout the ceremony meant that I had so many keepers. The most memorable of them all was the overwhelming flood of emotions during the "taali" or the sacred thread ritual -- all of Deepika's aunts, along with her mother and even her brother teared up. To be there to witness such intense love and the bond the family shares is always a privilege. 

Srini, a close friend of mine and one of the best partner photographers you can find, and I made sure we perfectly complimented each other and we landed some great images I'm sure.