SIMAR + DIVYANGANA | Punjabi wedding in Chandigarh

More than the wedding, I must unashamedly admit, I loved the city of Chandigarh and of course, its cuisine. The wedding was fun to shoot, yes, but I guess when you live in India and you chance upon something that doesn't quite "fit in" (in a good way, this time), you tend to remember it more.

It was my first visit ever and I figured this is one of the very few cities that actually live up to its hype. It is clean, well-planned, and just generally very soothing to the eye. The people are friendly as well -- and that's not a common sight in India. 

Punjabi weddings are fun to photograph, and this one was no different. To boot, the couple knew how to rock the dance floor. I hope you like the images. 

Photography by: Alpheus and Srinivas