SUBHASH + JEMIMA | Christian wedding in Chennai

"The couple on a mission" -- that's what I call Subhash and Jemima. To be honest, I'm not using the word "mission" lightly. These are two of the most responsible people I have ever met -- they draw their motivation in life from the belief that there's more everyone can do to make the world a better place.

Jemima works with the International Justice Mission - a human rights organization that works toward freedom from bonded labor, oppression and human trafficking. Subhash works in the Middle East, but actively participates in spreading the message of love to those in need of it. A match arranged by parents, this was a marriage that was destined to happen. Two people who believe that, together, they can do a whole lot more good than individually. 

Jemima called me in June, a couple of months before her wedding date. As you would expect from a person like her, there was no dilly-dallying. She communicated to me what she wanted -- and when we got on the same page, she booked me right away. I'm glad it worked out. Not just because I came back with some great images, but also for the fact that I got to meet two people who are an antithesis to the society we live in today. They care. And they do something about it. Hopefully, I can get inspired and do something more selfless too!

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