AGNEL + YVONNE | Christian wedding in Pondicherry

“So, how did you guys meet?”

When I asked Yvonne and Agnel this rather uncreative question, before they could answer, it hit me how absent-minded I was for the past 8 months. Yeah, that’s how long ago I had my first correspondence with Yvonne. And I had never asked them this question earlier.

All they said was, “it’s a long story.” Because we were on a tight schedule, we didn’t exactly have all the time in the world to chat up. But over the course of the day, I learnt that they’ve known each other for just over a year. And that, it wasn’t love that brought them together in the first place, but their families meeting and “arranging” for it in the traditional Indian way.

A Sri Lankan girl from a family that cherished its South Asian roots in all of the years they’ve lived in Canada and a guy from the laidback Indian town of Pondicherry…coming to think of it, I’d say it doesn’t appear unusual. But I must admit I was shocked to know that, initially. And this I credit entirely to the beautiful equation that Yvonne and Agnel share!

To build a bond so unbreakable within a year, despite several giant-sized hurdles, it takes a lot of love and staying strong together—and the belief that they are doing it for each other. And it isn’t easy when you’ve grown up in a generation that is iffy about commitments. But when you see two people holding each other tight and telling each other they’ll never let go, you know for sure it’s a story for the ages. Witnessing it on day one of their long journey, I consider myself very fortunate. God bless this lovely couple!

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