DANIEL + DINA | Indo-German cross-cultural Christian wedding in Chennai

A guy and a girl meet at a concert, chat up for a few minutes and go their own ways. And by own ways, I mean two different countries in two different continents, separated by thousands of miles. As fate would have it, they remember each other's names. So, when they meet again, over social media several months later, no introductions needed to be made. 

They hit it off, of course. Several conversations later, they get engaged to be married.

This is no story, this is a fairy tale. One you won't hear often. Isn't that why human marriages are so fascinating? Out of contradictions, out of the most unlikeliest of scenarios emerge such beautiful relationships that you keep thinking about them for a long, long time. This is one wedding I'll remember for a lifetime. And as a photographer, I consider myself lucky to witness a wedding so serene in person. 

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