Do you remember the last time you laughed till you had tears rolling down your cheeks? Do you remember looking at a picture of your mom on her wedding day and thinking to yourself how incredibly beautiful and radiant she looked?

Take a moment to realize that the only touch-and-feel memories of a beautiful today will be in the form of photographs. That's how priceless your wedding day images are.  They will outlive your pretty dress that you can just hope to fit into decades from now, the flowers that you handpicked, and the food that you probably wouldn't remember a week later. 

Have I got your attention?

Tell me now, how do you want to remember your wedding day? How do you want your grandchildren to remember those few fleeting moments that entwined their destinies with yours?


Weddings are a huge deal for me, just like it is for you. It's not about packages or rate cards for me -- it's more about the privilege of being there as an "outsider" amidst all the people you hold dearest and witnessing the most beautiful miracle mankind is blessed with. So, I love doing what I do...and put my heart, soul, and sweat into making timeless memories for you. 

I love working with couples who consider weddings as more than just a rite of passage. I am interested in your story, and I'd like to get to know you, how you've planned your wedding, what your expectations are and so on.

So, if you're happy to have an icebreaker conversation, write to me at or Whatsapp me on 9840201678. You can also specify a convenient day/time to catch up. 

For reassurance, all my wedding collections are customized to suit the style of your wedding. But, there are no "standard packages" or "estimates" or "minimum rates".  Borrowing from the movie "21", dazzle me with your story and your wedding day images can be my gift to you (wink!).