I have always believed a photograph is a complex portrayal of a moment in time. Countless dynamic elements and their interactions make up that moment. There are people and their personalities, there are emotions…and cultural idiosyncrasies. All of these evolve in complexity when it comes to weddings.

This challenge is what I love the most. Every wedding I shoot is a new experience in observing and understanding what makes us humans so unique. Which means I adapt and evolve as a photographer—both in technical and interpersonal skills. 

I enjoy shooting weddings. No matter the fatigue, the rush of capturing and making a moment timeless keeps me going. Because I love this process, the amount of effort I put in shows through the beautiful images I make. 

So, if this is what you’re looking for, I can assure you that your first kiss will be captured just as beautifully as your grandpa shedding a happy tear for you at your wedding. For me, the unexpected surprise is just as important as the big unmissable moment. Celebrate your love story with me, and I will make sure it’s preserved for eternity through ageless images.

About me

My name is Alpheus Danson and I weave visually stunning stories for a living. And I do that by befriending you and your family, and blending in so I can make reportage-style pictures—with aesthetics at the core. 

I am an active member of the prestigious WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION (WPJA) and of the globally-recognized FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS community, which is a directory of the world's best wedding photographers. 

I would love to know more about you and your love story as well. So, let’s talk.


My candid wedding photography Style


I call my style an intentional blend of "naturalistic" and "expressive". One part naturalistic and three parts expressive! You could even call it "expressive documentary". 


A picture should be a true representation of what the eye sees. Genuine emotion cannot be staged. At its peak, action is never "set up". So, when I shoot, I make sure I don't take away any of the realism. 

What your family and friends see -- and sometimes miss -- is what I capture in true form and essence, and represent in an aesthetically pleasing canvas.


But, vision doesn't have boundaries, does it?

Every wedding is a story -- and as a storyteller, my role goes beyond just conveying information. So, every story I tell is an interpretation, and not just communication. The way I interpret and express is sometimes bold and immediate, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes aesthetically manipulated, at times even abstract.

By being expressive with my images, I seek to stimulate a mix of emotional, imaginative, and intellectual reactions from those who receive my stories. 

The elements of my story

In all my images, you'll definitely see...an obsessive effort to remove clutter and drive unambiguous focus on the crux of the story. You will also see heightened action and emotion...and an unmistakable sense of serenity. 


My name is Alpheus Danson. And, I photograph weddings for a living. 

I am an introvert, but I usually find it easy to befriend people with common interests. Maybe that's because, besides photography, I love watching movies (when I say "love", it means watching a movie every night if I find the time). Plus, I am a sucker for good books, and I play cricket, badminton, table tennis, and a few indoor sports reasonably well. I used to do a lot of motorcycle touring -- now I just do that with my car. Of late, I have discovered that I love gardening too. I guess, with the number of things that I love doing and the fact that I speak 5 languages (and can make do with one more), it isn't hard to kickstart a conversation.